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    Marcel Pol

    Hi Jo-An,
    Ah, anonymous uploads :) I wouldn’t dare to touch that.

    If there is a plugin that allows that, let me know which one it is. I can always look into adding a media file picker for the visual formatting (BBcode) so there can be some integration.

    For anonymous uploading, there are specific services for that which can make that usefull, that is why there is BBcode, it is used a lot in forums.

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    Marcel Pol

    Hallo Jeroen,

    De WordPress gebruikers kun je inschrijven, dus mensen met een account op de website. Het emailadres dat in hun account staat wordt dan gebruikt.
    Je kunt enkel mensen inschrijven die ook moderatie-rechten hebben.


    in reply to: Make it so users do not have to register / login #1144
    Marcel Pol

    On the settingspage Guestbook > Settings, the first option on the Forms-tab is for logging in, that needs to be disabled, or unchecked.

    It might also be that the page you have the shortcode on has a password set or is set to private. Is it possible to check what the settings in the sidebar of that page are?

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    Marcel Pol

    Hi Russell,

    You can use a parameter for the shortcode to change the behaviour of the button. If you want to show the form directly you can use:

    [gwolle_gb button="false"]

    Not sure what you mean with “this form software”?
    The website has a demo for the guestbook including some things from the addon.
    This page we are typing on is BBpress, just like the support forum on
    The reviews on this website are the guestbook with some text strings changed, like guestbook to review.

    in reply to: Upload files with entries #1097
    Marcel Pol

    Hi Jo-An,
    Thank you for your interest.

    I have no plans for allowing direct file uploads.

    When it comes to guest users, I don’t feel comfortable supporting this on this many websites.

    But in case you ask, it could be that for logged-in users, there could be a selector for files already in the media directory. Then if people have the capability for upload_files they can upload first and then select it from that file selector. Somewhat like the classic editor maybe :)
    Is that something that would be good enough for you?

    in reply to: Remove button #1089
    Marcel Pol

    Hi Kylie,
    You could use the shortcode [gwolle_gb_read] instead of the standard [gwolle_gb]. That way only the entries will be shown, not the form.

    Does this help you?

    in reply to: Write message link werkt nog steeds niet #1026
    Marcel Pol

    Hoi Aart,
    Ik heb ook geen idee :)
    De plugin die je benoemt is de jQuery Migrate, die hoort bij de jQuery die standaard in WordPress zit. Daar zit het probleem niet.

    Je thema laadt echter een heel andere jQuery, wat gewoonlijk afgeraden wordt.
    Het thema dat je gebruikt, wp007, ken ik niet en kan ik ook niets van vinden. Ergens in de bestanden van dat thema zal de extra jQuery geladen worden.
    Is dat thema ergens gedownload, of heeft iemand dat voor je gemaakt? Die persoon wil je dan contact mee opnemen.
    Wat ook kan is een ander thema uitkiezen die wel de standaard jQuery van WordPress gebruikt.

    in reply to: Write message link werkt nog steeds niet #1015
    Marcel Pol

    Hallo Aart,
    Het thema dat je gebruikt laadt een eigen jQuery. Dit geeft vaak dit soort problemen. Het beste is om enkel de jQuery the laden vanuit wp-includes.
    De maker van je thema wil je deze vraag voorleggen, het zou goed zijn als de jQuery gebruikt wordt die met WordPress zelf geleverd wordt.

    in reply to: Form names #953
    Marcel Pol

    Sure, no problem :)

    1) You could have this PHP code in your functions.php of the theme:

    function my_gwolle_gb_button( $button ) {
    	// $button is a string
    	$button = '
    		<div class="gwolle-gb-write-button">
    			<input type="button" name="gwolle-gb-write-button" class="button btn btn-default" value="&raquo; ' . esc_attr__('Write a new entry.', 'gwolle-gb') . '" />
    	return $button;
    add_filter( 'gwolle_gb_button', 'my_gwolle_gb_button', 10, 1 );

    With 4.0 this code was new, it was different before. I don’t have plans to change the defaults again, but it might happen sometime in the future. The more filters you use and deviate from the defaults, the more maintenance you might have in the future.
    You could also just use the full text on the button in that earlier “string” settingstab.

    2) That is because you are logged in, it gets filled in from your profile. If you log out or use a different browser, you will see the form fields are empty.

    in reply to: Form names #951
    Marcel Pol

    1) You can add a PHP filter in the functions.php of your theme, preferably a child theme:

    function my_gwolle_gb_author_content_label( $label ) {
    	// $label is a string
    	$label = 'test';
    	return $label;
    add_filter( 'gwolle_gb_author_content_label', 'my_gwolle_gb_author_content_label', 10, 1 );

    But you already bought the addon, so it can be much simpler. You can go to Guestbook > Add-on > Strings-tab.
    There you can replace strings, I can tell you which I have:

    Guestbook entry => Review
    guestbook entry => review
    Guestbook => Reviews
    guestbook => reviews

    2) Just trying something here:

    .btn-primary {
        border-width: 2px;
        box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 0px 2px #fff;

    I can also imagine adding your logo in a small image in front of the “submit” text for every button on your website. You would need a small logo for that.
    By the way, I see you don’t have a favicon set. That image might be just the same as using one in the button.

    You have different ideas?

    Marcel Pol

    Ouch, I am not really the right person for Microsoft Outlook :)

    It could be that this resolves it:
    Setting the default language to Western European, which is Microsoft language for an encoding that supports only a subset of UTF-8.

    in reply to: Expired KeyMap Error #930
    Marcel Pol

    Hi Kylie,
    Looking in the Inspector Console, I see the Google Maps error coming from the xtender plugin as well.

    I cannot find that plugin anywhere. It is not listed on When you go to Dashboard > Plugins, and click on “View Details”, or any other thing that might lead to where the plugin comes from, can you then see where it is coming from? There might be updates available, or if not, you might want to look out for an alternative.

    Marcel Pol

    Hmm, I was afraid of it. The forwarded email has everything in UTF-8, but I cannot see the original email header or email content encoding.
    I am not sure if you would be okay with that, but could you add a test user with Author role, and subscribe it to notifications?
    I am not allowed to log into your website, and I don’t know how easy it is doable to make it so that I cannot log in as Author.
    Myself I have used this plugin to disable login:

    Disable User Login

    If you are looking for translations, they are in /wp-content/languages/plugins/gwolle-gb*
    But It is not about the translation strings, but also about the content of the entry, so I think the fault is not in the translation files.

    Marcel Pol

    Hi Peter,
    1. I understand BBcode might not be the most readable for people. I am sorry, but I don’t plan on adding real html to the editor, I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.
    I can understand you would want it readable in email as well, but most emails in WordPress are plain text, I think html email is not the default. Adding html tags to plain text email will make it less readable.

    2. Hmm, that is annoying and not supposed to happen. That only happens in emails, not on the website when reading or editing entries? If it is only in email, could you forward such an email to That way I can look if anything is wrong. What could be happening is the wrong encoding for email, which might be a header or the content itself.
    If it only happens in email, I don’t think the problem is in this plugin, but somewhere in the generating, sending or receiving of the email.

    in reply to: Expired KeyMap Error #926
    Marcel Pol

    Hi Kylie,
    The error comes not from this plugin, but apparently from another plugin. Do you use any plugin with a name like “xtd-modal”? It is supposed to create a modal (popup).
    I also see you might be using Visual Composer. Could it be you are using an older version and not the current one?

    This could be happening because of the recent jQuery update in WordPress 5.5. You could install this plugin to see if it helps:

    Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

    If it does help, you are advised to first fix this issue, before upgrading to WordPress 5.6 next month, because this Migrate script will be gone in that update.

    Also, about that Google Map error, that is unrelated to the main error. Looking at their documentation it might be that you need to get a new API key.
    Could I interest you in using OpenStreetMap? :) Personally I prefer it over Google Maps.

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