What Payment methods are supported?

PayPal is supported as the default Payment Gateway.

Credit Card is supported through PayPal. Just do the normal checkout and you will arrive at the PayPal payment page. You should be able to select to pay with Credit Card there.

For Bank Transfer, if that is the only payment option you have, please contact me privately through the contact form on this site. We should be able to work that out.

Do I have access to updates?

Yes, you should :)
When there is an update for the Add-On, I will publish that here. If you bought it previously then you can also download an update. There is no yearly recurring payment needed.

How do I install the plugin?

1. Go to Dashboard > Plugins, then click on “New Plugin”, then click on “Upload Plugin”.
2. Select gwolle-gb-addon-2.3.0.zip to upload (or any newer version you bought).
3. Activate the plugin.
4. Navigate to Dashboard > Guestbook > The Add-On and select the options you want.

How do I download an update?

1. At ZenoWeb webshop, log in.
2. Browse to Purchase History.
3. Select “Gwolle GB: The Add-On”.
4. At the Download section, click on the download link.
5. Now you are downloading the zipfile with the plugin.

How do I update the plugin?

Since WordPress 5.5 you can just follow the instructions for installation. After uploading it will ask confirmation to replace the files from the old version.

How do I add a custom field to the form?

You can go to Dashboard > Guestbook > Add-On.
You will see a settingspage with settings for the form. Here you can add a new field to the form, click on ‘Add new field’.
On the next tab are the reading settings where you can choose where the field will show up for each entry.

Will users get tracked if Social Media sharing is enabled?

No, the sharing icons use links to the sharing pages, not the icons that get loaded from those Social Media companies.
Only when people do share, do they get tracked.

Which SEO/Sitemap plugins are supported?

The preview and submit do nothing.

If you check in your development tab for network, you might see a reply with saved:null. This can happen when you entered some strings in the string replacement settings that are also part of the html. For example, if you enter as old string entry and new string review, this error will occur.
Please be careful which strings you want replaced.

What about uploading files?

Please be aware that you want uploading of images restricted to trusted users, that means users that are logged in and have the capability ‘upload_files’. Most often these will only be Authors, Editors or Administrators. It won’t be great when the website becomes a haven for image spam or worse, that is why this restriction in place.

For users that are not logged in, it is still advised to use the image option in the BBcode menu, where they can link to an image elsewhere on the web.

What if I bought it at MOJO previously?

I don’t have any access to user data on MOJO Marketplace. Therefore I don’t have any idea who bought the Add-On and who didn’t.
I don’t find it unreasonable that you might have to re-buy it here on my own webshop in the future, for just 15 Euros it will not kill anyone.

Which PHP versions is this plugin compatible with?

This plugin is compatible with PHP 5.3 up to PHP 8.1.

Which license is the add-on published under?

It is published as Free Software under the GPL license, specifically GPLv2 or later. This is the same license as WordPress is licensed under, as well as the main Guestbook plugin. Read more about it on the website of the Free Software Foundation and the FAQ.
This will give you the freedom, in the case that I stop updating this plugin, to make changes yourself.