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    I have what I call a design issue. As you can see, I do have it working. But I do not know how to take care of the design. Perhaps change colors for the background of each Guest-book post.

    Or perhaps the ability to separate the post a little. They look so close together.

    CSS? Maybe, I don’t know CSS though today in the morning for the first time I edited some code. If anyone could assist me in making it look more visually appealing, I would be very grateful for how to go about this.What is a guy to do? :-)

    Thank you very much,

    Tim T

    Marcel Pol

    Hi Timothy,

    About the grey background, that is only for admin entries. In the settings this can be disabled again, as was the default.

    For the white-space, you could try this CSS, which can be added at Appearance > Customizer > Custom CSS.

    html body .gwolle-gb .gb-entry {
        padding: 20px 0;

    Does this help?


    Hello Marcel,

    Thanks for the reply. It helps me try things. By implementing the CSS code, I could achieve a wider width in between the post, resulting in increased spacing. It helps.

    I unchecked this: SETTINGS: Admin Entry Styling

    Unchecking this cause images to appear and looked aweful, Images were so huge. However I noticed lines in between post and this was a great start.

    So I found a way to disable the images.

    Visual formatting and Emoji: Unchecked this and looked even better.

    This is my update. Though I love that it has a better look, I am still trying to find ways to inhance it, make it look better. In a table, but I believe color. Perhaps CSS color?

    Again Thanks for your help, it means a great deal. Have a great day! :-)

    Tim Thompson


    Great, I made it this far. Miracles do happen. :-)

    I don’t know if it is possible with this script at its current code or not.

    What I would like to achieve if at all possible is this…..

    Alternating Colors, sample below.

    Hello signing guest book-tim – post 1
    Hello Ron – Love I was here. – post 2
    Hello Don – I was here – post 3
    Background COLOR YELLOW
    And so on, background color WHITE – post 4

    Do you think it’s possible to implement this? I believe it can be done, but I’m unsure if this code has the capability.

    Thoughts, solutions

    Thank you very much, Tim

    Marcel Pol

    Hi Timothy, there is CSS that can do this:

    .gwolle-gb .gwolle-gb-even {
    	background-color: #223344;

    You probably want to play with the color. There are color pickers on the internet where you can try to make it have the right color for you.

    Regards, Marcel


    Thanks for the CSS. Working on it. Fighting Post Pages, had to restore my site. Any how its restored, next week I’ll go over everything again.

    Thanks for your help. My advice for anyone, back up your site everyday if you work on it every day. This is what I do. But backups do fail, and it would be great to be able to go back a few days and grab another back up.

    Thank You, have a great week.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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