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    is there a shortcode for the widget?

    So far I had used Elementor and could simply select the widget there.

    Now I’m using Gutenberg and Blocks and can’t find a way to embed the widget on a page :-(

    What did I miss there?

    Happy New Year to everyone

    Kind regards

    Marcel Pol

    Hi Jan,

    I don’t know…

    There was some kind of Widget Block, but it is gone or never even made it into a release.
    I think WordPress Core doesn’t see classic widgets as an option for blocks.

    You could still use the shortcode for reading, like [gwolle_gb_read].

    Now that I look into it, there is a shortcode for the widget that I forgot all about :)
    [gwolle_gb_widget] is the shortcode.
    Options are for book_id, num_entries and num_words.

    Can you manage?


    Hello Marcel,

    [gwolle_gb_read] is known and works.

    Thanks for [gwolle_gb_widget] … works too!

    But not as nice as under Elementor (automatic change of entries)

    But I like the simple shortcode best anyway.

    Have a good start in 2023!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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