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    Upgraded to the Add-On, and when I go into edit/add Custom fields, they are not interactive and no functionality… does anyone have a fix for this? It is a key function, so a bit frustrating that it isn’t working.

    Marcel Pol

    Hi Tyler, here it works on my test install. I also haven’t seen other complaints. I suspect it might be another plugin that is giving JavaScript errors.

    When you are on that admin page you can check the Inspector of the browser. Right-click on the page and select “Inspect Element” There will be a developer console opened. You can click on the Console-tab. Then refresh the page and see if you have any JavaScript errors.

    Could you post them here?

    Marcel Pol

    By the way, on the main website I see that the theme is including its own jQuery at themes/tcf_2016/assets/js/jquery_1_11_1_withSizzle.js
    This will most probably be the problem.

    It is often advised to use the jQuery that is included in WordPress. Now there are two. The first one that is loaded also loads a few jQuery plugins, then the second one loads and the first one with plugins gets wiped from memory.


    Marcel, sorry to bother you but we are in a tight deadline and wondering if you could advise.


    Marcel Pol

    Thank you for getting back on it, I didn’t know there was this bug.

    I don’t really like it to receive part of this discussion in private email. I prefer keeping the discussion on a public forum. Then also saying it’s urgent makes me move slower, not faster :)

    It should be fixed in 2.1.1 which should be available as a download. You can get there by going to Purchase History.

    There was an issue that if star rating is disabled, it would still call a function from that disabled JavaScript. That should not happen anymore.


    Thank you for the reply. We made the updates on the plugin, thank you, as well as some additional modifications. However, the total number of entries appeared to have disappeared. Is that controlled in a specific place that I should be able to toggle it on or off?

    With gratitude—TCF

    Marcel Pol

    Sorry about that. I would think after 4 years all bugs would have been squashed, but apparently not.
    Version 2.1.2 is out that should fix this.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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