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Marcel Pol

Hi Kylie,
The error comes not from this plugin, but apparently from another plugin. Do you use any plugin with a name like “xtd-modal”? It is supposed to create a modal (popup).
I also see you might be using Visual Composer. Could it be you are using an older version and not the current one?

This could be happening because of the recent jQuery update in WordPress 5.5. You could install this plugin to see if it helps:

Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

If it does help, you are advised to first fix this issue, before upgrading to WordPress 5.6 next month, because this Migrate script will be gone in that update.

Also, about that Google Map error, that is unrelated to the main error. Looking at their documentation it might be that you need to get a new API key.
Could I interest you in using OpenStreetMap? :) Personally I prefer it over Google Maps.