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Marcel Pol

I am sorry, but I don’t understand anymore if this is about the frontend or the dashboard. And if it is about the dashboard, which page exactly.

When you press ‘delete’ on the frontend, it should be deleted from the frontend with a disappearing animation. It will not be visible from then on anymore.

If you go to the Entries page in the dashboard and for example hit the AJAX action ‘trash’, it will be marked as trashed. It will not be deleted immediately.
If you want to see only visible entries, you can click on the second link on the top of the page.
Deleting immediately would be considered a very bad idea. There are AJAX buttons that would delete it, it would be very easy to do a ghost click and delete entries, without any way to bring them back.

I am not allowed to have admin access to websites, I also prefer not to do that.

By the way, you say “you need to” without giving any arguments why you would need to. Can you share the arguments about why it is needed?