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Marcel Pol

Sure, no problem :)

1) You could have this PHP code in your functions.php of the theme:

function my_gwolle_gb_button( $button ) {
	// $button is a string
	$button = '
		<div class="gwolle-gb-write-button">
			<input type="button" name="gwolle-gb-write-button" class="button btn btn-default" value="&raquo; ' . esc_attr__('Write a new entry.', 'gwolle-gb') . '" />

	return $button;
add_filter( 'gwolle_gb_button', 'my_gwolle_gb_button', 10, 1 );

With 4.0 this code was new, it was different before. I don’t have plans to change the defaults again, but it might happen sometime in the future. The more filters you use and deviate from the defaults, the more maintenance you might have in the future.
You could also just use the full text on the button in that earlier “string” settingstab.

2) That is because you are logged in, it gets filled in from your profile. If you log out or use a different browser, you will see the form fields are empty.