About Me

My name is Marcel Pol and I build and maintain websites in WordPress. I prefer clearity, honesty and transparency, and offer that to others as well.
With experience in ICT and a previous job at a web design firm delivering WordPress websites, I now work from my own company. For customers I assume the role of expert, to deliver a product or service that is as good as possible. Just like the website itself, it’s not about all the frills, but about the content.
It has my preference to offer quality services. I won’t neglect you or put you on a long waiting list. My support is also based on quality, not quantity.



ZenoWeb keeps office in the nice provincial town of Zwolle.

About Zeno

Zeno of Citium was a Greek philosopher of the Stoic School of philosophy. The Stoic school was one of the big 3 schools of philosophy in ancient Greece. From these 3 schools of thought many beautiful ideas can be distilled that are still current and can be a contribution to our daily life.